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The Journey - Flor Del Sol

Join us on a magical, visual and tasting odyssey in search of the Flower of the Sun; taking diners on a journey through seven countries across Latin America! With each new location we bring you a new speciality dish, drink and of course a new world class show!

Our journey commences on the streets of Buenos Aires, in the sensual and dramatic embrace of the tango.

Next, we venture to the vibrant and tropical land of Brazil, where the spirit of carnival and capoeira pulsates through the air!

Onwards to the ancient realm of Peru, home of the Inca empire of gold! Immerse yourself in our tribal show and a menu adorned with gold leaf-wrapped sea bass ceviche.

On the shores of the Caribbean, we encounter the lush vibrancy of tropical fruits unique to the region. Try our Don Julio and prickly pear cocktail served with spicy mango and fresh guava.

The search for the illustrious flower leads us to Mexico, where traditional Baile Folklórico is brought to life by our mesmerising performers!

Our expedition continues to Colombia, where you’re treated to a fusion of chicken and avocado arepas.

As our journey nears an end we find ourselves on the cobbled streets of Cuba, where drums and trumpets bring us the ambiance of hot Havana nights.

After traversing the seven destinations, our search for the flower will conclude with our climatic Flor Del Sol special. A showcase unlike any other in London with the culmination of months of choreography by our team of performers! It's an evening you will not want to miss!

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