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Cool Earth

Inca is proud to partner with Cool Earth


Your 50p donation will help to give back to the indigenous people & protect the rainforests throughout South America.  Our partnership will create valuable opportunities to keep rainforest environments healthy which in turn helps sustain all life on Earth. We believe in a people-first approach, putting resources in the hands of people living in rainforest, those most affected by the climate crisis, is an extremely effective way to help undo it.


Together our donations is a force for good and by adding 50p to your bill you can help indigenous communities do what they have always done, protect  the rainforest that cools the Earth.


We are creating a force for good by unlocking massive potentials that directly helps individuals and not through large corporations. Inca and Cool Earth cares about those who care, and with your permission will donate 50p per head from your table to really make a difference.

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