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The INCA entertainment is designed around our signature centre stage, aimed to invoke emotion at every step as live performers interact with diners; gliding through the venue with an explosive grace. The shows follow a natural progression of the evening's diners to create am immersive symphony of theatrical and acrobatic flair.

Designed around a center-stage where our live performers interact with diners; moving through the venue with a theatrical and passionate flair, customers become part of a journey which they never want to end. INCA has managed to find the right formula between singers, dancers, acrobats, MC’s/Hosts and special acts.

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Inca London opened its doors in late 2021 and has fast become the top new London restaurant thanks to our exquisite Latin American food, energetic atmosphere and our commitment to the highest level of service for our guests.


Our London dinner and show draws inspiration from the passion and cultural diversity of South America to deliver an unforgettable journey that combines seasonal dishes of the freshest and carefully-sourced ingredients with the know-how of head-chef, Davide Alberti.


We lean on the cultural diversity and gastronomic heritage of an entire continent to transport diners via a sensory blend of colours, aromas and flavours that deliver an explosion of genuine Latin spirit. From raw Peruvian ceviches to the highest grade grilled meat, our chefs--in their open-show kitchen--use age-old and cutting-edge techniques to encapsulate the soul of a culinary tradition that has stood strong for centuries.

INCA’s menu of small sharing plates is inspired by Latin flavours, colours and textures and celebrates the joy of sharing food with others. 


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